The Brooding Italian café

The Brooding Italian is a popular little espresso bar at the south end of Manning street in Kiama. This groovy little café opened in October 2013. It quickly became the talk of the town and was soon full of happy locals, enjoying the amazing coffee, great food and an incredible ambiance.
The Brooding Italian café design was inspired by the industrial genre. Recycled materials were used in the design, including the centre light piece, which was the old satellite dish which was removed from the back car park. The feature wall on the right, as you enter the café, is a collection of new and reclaimed floor boards, mismatched to create a one of a kind design and setting of the Edison light bulbs.
Everyday, locals arrive for their daily coffee and after a few visits, you'll be welcomed by name. There is a happy, friendly atmosphere, even during the busiest times. Everyone is made to feel welcome and tables are frequently moved to better accommodate groups of people.
The coffee blends are roasted locally so you're always guaranteed fresh coffee daily. Enjoy the house blend or try the coffee of the week. Don't forget to check out the breakfast and lunch menu, which perfectly compliments the coffee! While the menu is only small, the flavours in each of the meals are amazing. You'll enjoy everything made by our wonderful kitchen crew.
Drop in, say hello. Sample the amazing coffee and wonderful menu items. And, if you're in a hurry, text the café your coffee order and it will be ready for you when you get there!

Great Coffee!

Cherry Black Roasters is very proud of its roasted coffee blends.

"Great food, superb coffee, groovy atmosphere. A stand out on the south coast for sure."

The unique blend of coffee is slow roasted in our gas fired oven which draws out the natural flavors of the coffee beans and adds a full complex flavor.

The distinct intense flavor and full bodied aroma is unmistakable. Blended from selected quality imported beans then slow roasted to perfection using our unique slow roasting process.

The first thing you’ll notice about Cherry Black Coffee is the full aroma and the smooth taste. There is no bitterness or sharp after taste. We blend and roast only AA grade or higher quality coffee beans.

Compare and taste the difference.

Cherry Black Roasters
The Brooding Italian food selections

Our Menu

The food menu perfectly compliments the coffee at The Brooding Italian café. The breakfast and lunch menus tempt you to enjoy from a small number of meals, but each meal is filled with intense flavours and wonderful combinations. You'll find yourself coming back time and again, to sample everything on offer.



Hen House Eggs – Poached, fried or scrambled, served on sourdough toast with sautéed spinach and house made tomato relish – 11.50
Poached Eggs – Poached eggs on avocado smash topped with goat’s cheese and Pistachio Dukkah served on quinoa sour dough – 13.50
Granola – House made Quinoa and oat granola, coconut yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit – 9.50
The Rood Italian – Maple Bacon, avocado, poached eggs and chilli infused hollandaise – 15.50
Sumac Roasted Tomatoes – Garlic lemon tahini, crispy bacon and two poached eggs on sourdough toast – 11.50
Bacon and Egg Roll – Crispy bacon, fried eggs, aioli, balsamic onions on Turkish roll – 9.50
Breaky Wrap – Bacon, fried eggs, tomato, cheese and bbq sauce – 8.50
Italian Eggs – Scrambled eggs with prosciutto, heirloom tomato, basil and hollandaise sauce – 12.50
Chocolate fudge pancakes – Pancake stack with chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries – 11.90
Capri Bircher – With strawberry infused poached pears, coconut yoghurt and smashed pistachio – 11.90
Amalfi Fruit Salad – Dragon fruit frozen yoghurt served with fresh seasonal fruit salad – 14.00
    • Bacon – 4.00
    • Mushrooms – 3.00
    • Avocado – 3.00
    • Cherry tomatoes – 2.00
    • Smoked salmon – 4.00
    • Hash browns – 2.5


Grilled chicken and vege stack – Grilled chicken breast with char grilled eggplant, capsicum and zucchini drizzled with homemade pesto mayo – 13.90
Sicily grilled chicken burger – With salad leaves, truss tomato and spicy mango mayo on a Brioche bun served with Italian fries – 13.50
Brooding Burger – Brioche burger bun with beef patty, cheese, tomato, baby spinach, pickled red onion and brooding special sauce served with our Italian fries – 12.50
Our Famous Colombian Wrap – Bacon, fried egg, chorizo, cheese, tomato, avocado, hogao relish and aioli – 10.50
Vegetable Wrap – Spiced Cauliflower, mushrooms, avocado, roasted carrot, roasted beetroot, parmesan and baby spinach with aioli – 9.50
Italian Fries – With rosemary garlic salt and aioli – Small 4.00 Large 5.00 Bucket 6.00


Caramelised Pear and Rocket Salad – With Roaring 40s blue cheese, heirloom cherry tomatoes and caramelised walnuts – 14.50
Toasted pine nut and sweet potato salad – Roasted sweet potatoes with roma tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, salad leaves, avocado with honey and red wine vinaigrette – 13.90
Smoked Salmon and Brie Salad – Toasted sourdough with smoked salmon, mixed salad leaves with brie and a citrus dressing – 15.00


Bacon and egg sandwich with BBQ sauce – 6.50
Banana Bread – toasted or plain – 6.00
Kids Scrambled Eggs and toast – 8.50
Kids Rainbow Plate – carrot, cucumber, celery and cheesy toast sticks – 9.00
Mini pancakes with maple syrup and butter – 8.50
The Brooding Italian food selections


Each morning, a collection of sweet and savoury muffins is placed on the counter. The hardest decision you'll have, will be whether to sample the sweet muffins... or the savoury ones.

That choice is made just a little more difficult by the addition of beautiful cupcakes. You'll be treated to flavours such as chocolate mud, white mud, red velvet, coconut & lime, tosca & coconut and raspberry & rose.

There are cookies and sweetbreads to further tempt those with a sweet tooth.


Allow yourself to be tempted to try delicious iced coffees and decadent iced chocolates, fresh smoothies and thirst quenching juices.

You will need strong willpower to skip the amazing 'Funky Monkey' filled with espresso, chocolate, peanut butter, local gelato and milk or the 'Oreo Crunch' packed with Oreo cookies, vanilla gelato and milk.

Super Protein Smoothies

Protein Punch – WPI Protein powder, brown rice milk, blueberries, spinach, banana and honey – 8.20
Berry Me Now – WPI Protein powder, mixed berries, almond milk, LSA, coconut water and flaxseed oil – 8.20
Peanut Butter Me Up – WPI Protein powder, LSA, peanut butter, skim milk, banana, honey and yoghurt – 8.20

Cold Drinks

Milkshakes – 6.00
Kids Milkshakes – 4.20
Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry, Lime
Funky Monkey – Like a Ferrero Roche – 7.50
Oreo Crunch – Blended Oreo Cookies – 7.50
Smoothies – Banana, Mango or Mixed Berry – 7.50
Iced Coffee – with fresh Espresso – 7.50
Iced Chocolate – 7.50
Fresh Juice – 7.50
Orange, carrot, celery, apple, beetroot, ginger, pineapple
Wild Soft Drinks – 4.00
Wild Bottled Spring Water – 3.00

Coffee & Tea

Single Origin
Espresso – 3.5
Long Black – 3.8
Double Espresso – 4.0
Macchiato – 3.5

House Blend
Cappuccino, Café Latte, Flat White – 3.8/4.4
Piccolo Latte – 3.6
Affogato – with The Pines Gelato – 5.2
Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mocha – 3.8/4.4
Babycino + marshmallow – 0.50
Loose Leaf Organic Tea
English, Earl Grey, Green, Chai Masala, Turkish Apple Camomile, Moroccan Mint – 4.6


Coffee of the week – 0.90
The Pines Milk – 0.90
Decaf – 0.80
Bonsoy – 0.70/0.90
The Pines Gelato – 1.50
X shot/x choc – 0.70
The Brooding Italian coffee